Peace Among the Chaos

Life is messy. Every mom I know understands that. Some days are smooth sailing, while others you are praying for bedtime to arrive and for there to be no fight.When I was a brand new mom I thought that everything I had was to be given to my son. All my time, energy- EVERYTHING! I soon discovered that by giving every single second to that sweet baby, left me no time to recharge or unwind especially during teething (my son did not handle teething well) which left him with a stressed out momma. Now don’t get me wrong, my son and now daughter still get my attention during their waking hours but nap time is all for mom. Seriously, no housework is done during nap time!

I LOVE making baby blankets, it is my usual go to project. I enjoy the softness of the baby yarn and the quickness of the project. Not to mention the cute baby that gets to be wrapped up in the finished product. So when I was pregnant with my daughter my youngest sister was expecting her first child all my naptime crafts were dedicated to making blankets for both little girls. My sister requested the ABC blanket which isn’t a difficult crochet since it’s all single crochets and popcorn stitches, but I loathe this blanket. Mainly because I tend to lose count and find out rows later (usually a few of the blocks later) that I have misplaced a stitch causing the whole letter be off.  My husband and little sister loving joke about how many times I have to rip it out.20180118_190631Using the Bernat Baby Softee Yarn in a soft peach was the perfect color for the sweet little one. This yarn is machine washable, holds up beautifully with all the washes that a little one will surely require while being soft to snuggle. My sister did an elephant themed nursery,  so when I found an adorable Dumbo print fabric at our local craft store  I knew I had to incorporate it.


Dumbo really gave me the push I needed to finish her blanket and I may or may not have sang “Baby Mine” a lot while working on it.The original plan was to sew the fabric to the back of the blanket but due to a time crunch I chose to cut some rectangles out and sewed them to the corners. Even though it was the original vision I just LOVE the way it turned out, funny how that works out!

Until our next crafty adventure


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