Works in Progress

Most of the crafters I know have lots of unfinished projects, I am no different. Since I only craft during nap time and bedtime I tend to switch it up often depending on my mood or day.  So without further ado here are my WIPs, I tried to include the links for the patterns.

20180612_225748Currently I am knitting a sweet little blanket from TinCanKnits. Malt is the first pattern of their Simple Collection which is a learn to knit series. This is an easy to remember pattern and works up beautifully. Since I made this for my boy and am working it up for my niece I decided to change-up a few things. I left out the purled square and twisted my knit stitches (happy accident on my part) which gives it a beautiful texture. Love when my mess ups become a beautiful surprise, who has time to frog 10 rows🤷.

Since we just purchased our first house, I’ve started crocheting a sweet Welcome doily from the Inspirational Filet Crochet book from Leisure Arts. I made the Beloved doily when my younger sister got married and once you get the hang of the fine thread it’s a breeze. I’m only one row in, nothing too exciting.

My cross stitching generally has one or more projects, I tend to have an intricate pattern and a simple pattern going at all times. I am working on the Disney Dreams Beauty and the Beast pattern from MCG Textiles, starting a birth announcement for my little girl and just finished up a sweet little announcement for my niece. Please excuse the rooster towel behind it, I snapped a quick picture before it was done drying and forgot to get another before sending it to my sister.


I have been eyeing these beautiful knitted animals from Little Cotton Rabbits. Aren’t they the most darling things you’ve ever seen?! I have bought two of her sweet patterns and am DYING to start them, but you’ve seen the list gotta get some of those things finished! Feel free to show me your WIPs in the comments, I would love to see them (and maybe add to my ever growing list).

Until next time

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