Moving and Angels

We moved AGAIN. In the ten years that we have been married we have moved around 10 times, meaning we’re pros right? WRONG! It always starts out with best intentions but at the last minute I’m throwing things in boxes scrambling to get everything out before out deadline especially with two in tow. I think I may have singlehandedly supported the coffee industry this month (my 2 year old brought me the kcups most mornings) Anyway onto the crafts, unpacking can wait!

Shortly after starting nursing school, I decided to make an angel. Seemed pretty straight forward, work with the tiny needles and tiny thread get a beautiful angel. I simply couldn’t get it out of my mind and what’s a better stress reliever than a project. WELL, after ripping that baby out a million times and tossing it to the side for a year I finally got the hang of it. Have you ever crocheted around a Styrofoam ball? It’s easily the MESSIEST thing I’ve ever worked with (minus glitter). I’m pretty sure that I wore a towel on my lap while working around it so I could easily clean it up. The crappy part is once you’re done crocheting you have to shape her which means you have to crush the Styrofoam without misshaping the doll.


The pattern gives the instructions for a few little birds that sit in her hands but as I was pressed for time and honestly didn’t want to make birds I chose to use some small fabric roses in a variety pack. I also left off the tassels since I couldn’t find any that weren’t overbearing. Since I knew she was going to be my momma’s Christmas gift, I chose burgundy for the ribbons. From start to finish she took roughly a month to complete and was completed by Christmas. She stands about 2-3 ft tall (going completely on memory here). Just talking about her makes me want to attempt it again.

Now off to unpack, send coffee!


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