Works in Progress

It’s been a particularly long week, with lots of unpacking, cranky babies (hello teething and immunizations)and even our first out of town visitors. During all that madness I did manage to get some work done on my many projects.

First up my soon to be welcome sign for my enclosed porch. I’m loving the way its turning out and once it became established it’s a simply chart to follow.20180711_134343

Second, my sweet little knit from TinCanKnits. Only a few rows were added so there’s not much difference between the last update.20180711_134635.jpg

Thirdly,  a start on my baby sister’s wedding announcement.  I originally made her one for her bridal shower but the basement flooded at my parents and it got ruined. So being the nice big sister that I am, I picked up another one. It helps that it’s a quick and simple project.20180711_134704.jpg20180711_134715.jpg

Until next time





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