Rose Tales

Our new house has some established flower beds. We have lots of evergreen shrubs but along with some day lilies, rose bushes and a few other things. Unfortunately with the previous owners moving out and us moving in, the beds got a tad bit neglected. Which means LOTS of weeds, pretty much everything you can imagine especially vines. So every morning and evening, we take a walk around watering flowers and if I’m lucky pulling some weeds. It’s been ridiculously hot so any outside work is done in the cooler mornings and evenings so we don’t all get too hot.

My family could tell you of my black thumb ( I killed a spider plant for crying out loud) so imagine our surprise when we walked out a few days ago to this beauty! There are three planted along this side of the house and the other two unfortunately didn’t make it. This one was on it’s way out but with lots of water, rose food and some dead heading she perked up in no time.   I wish I had taken a picture before so I could do a nice comparison.


These sweet little mini roses are currently in my window sill but as soon as I can dig up the old rose bushes I plan to put these guys in their place. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my day lilies or the hydrangea I transplanted (which I thought I killed, it took the transplant hard).


I do believe I have a new hobby (like I really need one), and one that my son can help with even if he spends all the time running his energy off and might smell a flower. At least he’s outdoors right?


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