It’s Fall Ya’ll!


Life has been crazy, we’ve had lots of end of summer parties, visitors, weddings and enough children tantrums/meltdowns to last a lifetime. Somehow I blinked and summer just vanished away, it’s crazy how moving takes up so much time. Seriously, where did our summer go?

I have had dreams of sewing forever. My high school had just phased out the home economics course when I was in the age range so I never really learned. My interest was sparked again during college when I taught myself some hand sewing techniques that seemed to satisfy me in the moment (broke, married college student). When we moved into our house my husband bought me my long awaited sewing machine (I asked for one for Christmas last year before our daughter arrived). JoAnn Fabrics was having a 50% sale for the Singer Heritage machine that a fellow sewing friend had highly recommended to me (the vintage look of it may have sealed the deal) so he was more than happy to oblige. I was so excited to play with it but made myself leave it in the box until all of the major unpacking was completed so it had been taunting me for MONTHS. I finally got to unpack it in the middle of August and of course with that came lots of project ideas.

First up, my hubby asked for a pillow to support his neck when he’s hanging out in his computer chair. He even came to the fabric store and picked out his own fabric (without any complaining!)


Second project is a dress for my sweet baby girl, it’s a toddler dress so she has to grow into since I had the pattern gifted to me and I was making my first ever dress I did nothing that deviated from the pattern. I wanted to just make it and see what happened and I’m pretty proud of it! I enjoyed it so much that I’m making her Alice in Wonderland costume this year.


The fabric I’ve had since college when my dear friend and I thought we were going to learn how to quilt together. Unfortunately that did not happen at the time and I was gifted the fabric since I’m more likely to craft things. So I knew that I NEEDED to use this for my girl’s first dress. I couldn’t be more pleased with the color combination!

That’s pretty much been my crafting progress these past few months but I’m so excited to get moving on my projects since it’s FALL YA’LL!  Fall is my favorite time of year, it’s crisp and refreshing outside which means my kids can enjoy the beautiful outdoors without getting mauled by mosquitoes and momma can take her needlework out to the porch with her coffee. Fall has always been the season of thankfulness and family for me and I love that I get to share that with our little family.  It also brings on all sorts of crafts for us as well and I can’t wait to share all our crafty adventures with you.

Happy Fall!!

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