Tantrums and ear hats

20181014_145122My kids (like all kids) have their fair shares of temper tantrums. I’m talking big ole crocodile tears, screaming at the top of their lungs, throwing their bodies around with snot running down their face, kind of tantrums. Of course these are usually best performed in public, when mom is in a hurry.  Today was one of “those” days (let’s be honest, it’s been one of those kind of weeks) where mom couldn’t do anything right per kid’s and everyone else’s point of view.

I’m generally not one to care what other people think because they never really know the situation at hand, they only have a glimpse of the spectacular scene, but today I couldn’t help but be annoyed by everyone else. Here my kid is laying beside my car in the parking lot, as I buckle his sister in, kicking and screaming because we had to leave the race car cart and go home while I am trying to calm him and get things rolling. Cue the judgmental glances and disapproving stares from all generations as I guide said child to his side of the car, struggling to get him into his seat and buckled in.

We’ve all had them, we’ve probably all given them but it wasn’t until I was a mom that I discovered all the crap we take from other people.  We are always feeling like we need to justify every single thing we do to someone else or have some kind of evidence based research as to why we choose the methods we’re using.

SOO in case you’re feeling overwhelmed in your current season of motherhood; know you are not alone. Know that all parents do things they’re not proud of, sometimes we yell in frustration or say things we don’t mean.  Just because you are at your wits end, the last straw breaks and you lose your cool, YOU HAVE NOT FAILED! The next time your kid is having a Oscar winning tantrum, don’t worry about those around you, don’t even acknowledge their glances (better yet, give them a big smile) because it will be over and the day will move on.

Parent as you see fit, don’t feel like you need approval from everyone around you, do what works for your family.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, here’s some cute little hats to make you smile.  My mom suggested I make my niece who is a few months younger than my daughter a hat when she saw the ones I made for my babies. So I asked my sister what colors she wanted and she promptly asked if I could make ears. So the decision was made for a grey and pink striped hat with ears.

Now I knew this hat was going to be darling,  but I don’t know I was going to love it this much! I used Caron simply soft in light pink and Caron simply soft party in grey. The yarn is super easy to work with and so soft my kids kept playing with it. I used the same patter  from the Caron cupcakes label which works up so quickly. The little ears came from Club Bear polar bear pattern.

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