Curiouser and curiouser

Happy Halloween!  I don’t know about your family but ours watches a lot of Disney. I would be lying if I said it’s all my kids, I just love a good Disney movie. So with Halloween around the corner what better way to celebrate than by dressing up as our favorite characters

One of my all time favorite movies is Alice in Wonderland, so much so that I almost named our daughter Alice.  So it was a no brainer for her to be Alice for Halloween in a homemade costume home none the less.

My sweet boy chose Buzz Lightyear for the second year in a row. Since momma isn’t that gifted at making outfits yet,  so we made a trip to the Disney store for his. One day I’ll be able to make both costumes .

I picked out a blue cotton for the Alice dress, I want her to be able to wear this dress other than Halloween. For the apron I chose a white cotton. Using McCalls 5791 the D view.

The pattern wasn’t overly difficult for a novice.  I found the sleeves and the zipper to be the most difficult part since I had not done set in sleeves or a zipper before,  but after a few YouTube videos along with some trial and error I did manage it.

For the apron I took some freezer paper and folded it along one side of the dress to make a template. I cut a small curve towards the top for the head and tapered the top that would go behind her neck. I did a simple quarter inch seam around all sides and sewed the top straps together with just a few stitches so it would hang around her neck. For the apron ties I just cut 2 strips of fabric folded in half, did a quarter inch seam down the long side, turned them and attached to the apron.

We complete the costume with a little black bow, black shoes and white stockings.  I’m very happy with the finished product and I have to admit she makes an adorable little Alice.



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