It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Thanksgiving is next week! I don’t know about you all, but I’m super excited. I have so many things that I am thankful for this year plus I really love getting together with friends and family to just ENJOY quality time with them. Unfortunately due to the hubby’s work schedule we will not be spending it with the majority of our family (thank goodness for video chatting) but we have some dear friends that are adopted family we get the pleasure of being with.

With that being said my hubby had SEVEN days off  last week after basically working for like a month straight with 2 weeks on nights (no joke people, one night off in between to flip back to days for work, it was rough on all of us). Which means we got to have a lot of good quality family time. We got to play outside with our littles, have lots of tickle fights, playing with play dough and those babies soaked up all the daddy time they could. When the littles went to bed, we actually got to spend time with one another. He played video games while I got to work on some crafts, it was wonderful. This week I almost finished knitting my malt blanket and almost finished one of the 4 Christmas ornaments.

My malt blanket was originally for my sweet little niece who was born last March, however due to the overwhelming amount of blankets this child has,  I decided to shorten it and make it into a baby doll blanket; what little girl doesn’t need a baby doll blanket? I did something like this with my first niece who LOVES baby dolls (seriously the kid has every baby doll at her local Wal Mart) so I thought it would be a nice tradition. I would love to have had a full handmade Christmas with me making all the sweet presents, but sadly I didn’t have that thought until this month and there is no way I could pull that off this late. Is there anyone else who does a complete handmade Christmas?

My mom, sisters, and I started doing an ornament exchange a few years ago so I thought what better ornament to give than a handmade one, I had found this kit on sale at my local craft store and knew it would be perfect. They work up so nicely, with beautiful colors. My only complaint with this kit is that while it is presorted floss (YAY!) the floss sometimes has the sticky residue from the floss holder. I can’t wait to see all four completed.


May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spent with those you love the most!



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