One Ornament Down, One Blanket complete

It’s been very productive over in my corner of the world.  Usually when my hubby is on nights, there is lots of alone time when the littles go off to bed, which always means more crafting time for me.  I’ve been working away on my beautiful ornaments for the Christmas exchange. The first ornament just needs the back-stitching detail and it will be ready to be cut out. These really are the cutest ornaments!

During the day it’s difficult to cross stitch so I usually have some sort of knitting or crocheting handy, this week I completed my Malt blanket by Tin Can Knits. Instead of making it a full size blanket I knitted it up to a size I felt would be good for baby dolls, it’s wider than I would have liked but I’m sure my niece will lay many babies underneath it. I absolutely adore this pattern, it’s so simple and makes a really large blanket (if you’re looking to make one for  baby) it will last them beyond the infant years.  

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