Sick babies

Never fails as we get our first decent snow our babies get sick, this time might have had something to do with taking them to church and getting immersed with some germs (but hey, that’s what the immune system is for) but I digress. First my almost 11 month old start running a low grade fever which I figured was due to teething, then began the congestion  which she promptly shared with her brother.  This of course leads to lots of mommy snuggles, wiping running noses and soothing coughs but I sure don’t mind all those extra baby snuggles!

With that being said unfortunately I can’t cross stitch with little people on my lap. My almost 3 year old will usually help me push the needle through the fabric, he gets great joy from helping me stitch.  My infant most certainly does not need a sharp object by her face, she’s MUCH  too squirmy. I can crochet while they’re sleeping on my lap though which means I got some progression on my Welcome sign (that I started back in July).

Now that we are all fever free and getting back to ourselves we’ve started a few Christmas celebrations. One of my most favorite things to do is Christmas ornaments. My son LOVES to paint, so we chose a couple different ornaments and painted our puppy ones a few nights ago. As you can see my son did the majority but I can’t wait to attach some ribbons and put them on our tree.

Other than that we really have done much but our daily playing and household responsibility. My daughter is has really been enjoying my yarn basket, she’s always investigating the contents, even if she drags yarn halfway across the living room.  Can’t wait to show her and her brother how to make some fun things!


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