Christmas Time!

Its December which means all things Christmas in our house. Lots of Christmas music playing through the day, ornament painting, decorating and some snow showers. Growing up I always LOVED Christmas, it was the time of year we always had lots of family time (we have a HUGE family). So when we decided to have babies I wanted to make sure it was a special as I can make it since seeing all of our family this time of year can’t always happen with weather and my hubby’s work schedule.

My kids seem to love Christmas too, my little man ran excitedly between the ornament box and the Christmas tree until there were no more ornaments to put on.  Between painting ornaments and keeping the baby out of the tree we have managed to get some crafting done.

First up, my Harry Potter napkins! I’m a late comer to the Harry Potter series and just read it last year and oh boy do I LOVE it. I can’t wait to introduce my kids to it, such a fun book series, if you haven’t read it, GO NOW you will not be disappointed! We have a friend that is crazy about Harry Potter too so when I saw this fabric at JoAnn Fabrics I knew I had to make something for her.  She’s a big entertainer and I just knew napkins could be fit into our crazy schedule.  Following GirlInspired’s  tutorial I whipped these babies up in a few hours. Seriously super simple to do!

Next up, since my kids are all healthy minus runny noses (which won’t go away until at least Spring) I could set aside my crochet project to work on my cross stitch ornaments. 

“W” finished now onto the “E” 

We are now full time back to my ornaments and I have quite a lot of work still ahead of me but I’m absolutely loving these!

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