New Year

Its a brand New Year which means a year full of possibilities. With kids, I always find myself looking inward and deciding what I can do better. So this year, I’m practicing more patience, slower to anger and trying to be more pleasant on the morning. Weve already started this year off with one dive ear infection for my son accompanied by pink eye and teething for my daughter. My little girl is now the big ONE, which is exciting and a little sad at the same time.

Unfortunately I did not get my ornaments completed by the end of the year so I have set them aside (feeling a little burned out) and am going to pick back up on my little garden fairy announcement for my girl.

Since my girl turned one, all needlework was sat aside while I prepared things for her party. We made the unbirthday cake for her smash cake (minus the candle and blue flowers) and made cupcakes with flowers and leaves for the guests. We even worked on an Alice puzzle to get us in the celebratory spirit. Despite sick babies we managed to have a great time with a few dear friends and family.

2 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Happy New Year! I wish you success with all of your goals for 2019. Happy Birthday to your little one. Time just seem to go so quickly. She will be in high school before you know it, so enjoy every moment. I hope all those that are sick will get well soon. The party cakes look yummy.


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