Dreaming of Spring

My sweet little nephew has been wearing my momma’s scarf for the past few days, so she asked if Aunt could make him one would he like that. He smiled and said yes in his sweet little voice so what’s an Aunt to do. I started one that will match his sweet little hat I made him a few months ago and finished it up in a few days. Can’t wait to see his little face when it arrives. Of course I can’t just make one scarf, he has siblings and then my little models look so stinking cute that I’ve added some more to my to do list luckily they’re pretty quick to complete.

I’m not one to wish away the season (except the dog days of summer) but our negative wind chill and single digit days have me wishing for warmer weather. It doesn’t even have to be the 50s and 60s I’d be ok with 40s 😂. Its really hard not to have some wishes for Spring when working on the garden fairy project.

I’ve been able to catch some crafting time after my littles go to sleep this week and got the main portion of her body complete. Need to work on her feet and stockings but I do enjoy the way she’s turning out. I attempted some crafting time while my kiddos were awake which resulted in ripping out 80% of what I stitched. So I reaffirmed that I can knit or crochet while they’re awake and playing together but cross stitch almost never works out during their waking moments.

Progressed a little on my welcome doily yesterday afternoon, not a ton of progress but I’m made it my focus daytime project, love working on stuff while waiting for the laundry to finish or while we watch a show together.

Most of our snow has melted away, thanks to our 40 degree rainy day yesterday but it looks like we’re in for another cold and possibly snowy weekend, there’s talk for 6 inches of snow on Monday. So looks like a great weekend for needlework 😏

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring

  1. Definitely cute models! And they look adorable wrapped up in those sweet scarves. Your cross stitch is coming along nicely. I can definitely relate to non cross stitch while the little ones are awake. I remember how nice it was to sit down with my cross stitch after the kids had gone to bed. The perfect way to unwind after a busy day. I still look forward to my stitchy evenings ;). Your welcome doily is looking amazing! We are expecting below zero temps and more snow, too. I am definitely looking forward to Spring. But I would settle for temps in the 40’s for the rest of winter also ;). For now, enjoy your stitching while staying warm 🙂


    1. Thank you Ginny, I hate that her birth announcement isn’t done yet since her brother’s was completed a week after his birth but I also didn’t find one I liked until she was almost here. It is the best way to end a crazy day, gives me and my hubby time to chat and connect after our littles go to sleep too so it’s a double win. I hope you stay warm, sure enjoy seeing all your stitchings.


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