Potty training, gardening and crafting, oh my!

We’ve had a very busy and productive February!

Potty training…ugh. I feel like parents everywhere can sympathize. We’re no longer running to the potty every 20 minutes around the clock. He’s wearing undies, wakes up dry in the morning, can go out in town and manage to stay dry. He still won’t tell us when he needs to go yet and it seems that pooping on the potty is going to take longer. Honestly it super discouraging and frustrating, the only advice I seem to be getting is to spank when he poops his pants. While it might work, I don’t think it’s the right approach for us. I don’t feel like punishing a bodily function will encourage him to go on the potty (he does help clean up his accidents) if anything it will make him do the opposite. That seems to be his thing, the more you push him the more he rebels. So we will just keep at it and one day he will be fully trained.

I’ve been wanting to start doing yoga for awhile and FINALLY got to try it. Two young kiddos certainly take a lot of energy, add a spouse that is almost always at work and you get one tired, stressed and cranky momma. My various hobbies have always been a huge stress reliever but lately I felt like I needed something more. I had expressed interest in yoga and my hubby encouraged me to give it a go One of my friends is in yoga instructor training and held a small class for a bunch of ladies along another woman who introduced essential oils. When I came home my hubby held down the fort, cleaned up dinner and had both kiddos asleep before I got home. He noticed a huge difference in my mood that evening and the following day. He even suggested that I should do it more often. I have to admit that since starting yoga I have a great outlet for my frustrations and its been so refreshing! Our house seems to be running a little more smoothly and I’m not playing as much catch up on the household tasks which gives me more time playing with my kids and crafting too!

My son’s cucumber seed has sprouted and is growing wonderfully, he wants to sniff it everytime we check on it. The rest of them haven’t but they were in a different room with not as much light so we’re planning on giving them a little more time and see if they’ll sprout in the kitchen window. If not I guess we’ll just try again🤷‍♀️. We are desperately wishing for Spring, as it’s still cold and suppose to snow this evening.

I’ve been working away on my welcome doily a little more each day, even worked on it some one evening when I couldn’t bring myself to go upstairs for my cross stitch. I was hoping to have it finished in February but I’m certain it will be finished at the end of March.

Last update

I’ve gotten quite a bit of progress on the garden fairies too. I’ve gotten the majority of the second fairies body and head done.


My youngest sister even shared the wonderful news that she is expecting. Per tradition, aunt has to make a blanket for baby so I chose the Oden blanket in Bernat’s little mouse color from my stash. I wanted to make sure the color I picked would work for a boy or girl and may sew a fabric lining on the back when I’m finished knitting.

Since February was such a good crafting month, I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in March!

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