April Update

March was sooo busy! I return from the trials of potty training, when does it get easier than diapers (kidding)? Turns out my kid is almost potty trained except he won’t tell me when he needs to go, so we’re still working on that. My husband’s job has been having crazy amounts of overtime so all of his time off we’ve been trying to spend with him which doesn’t lend to as much crafting as I would like; but it does give us some great times as a family which I’ll take any day!

Our little man turned three which meant planning a small party and making a sweet cake for my construction loving boy which I can’t seem to find the pictures. We had a wonderful time celebrating 3 years of our sweet boy and even got a surprise visit from our out of town family. Somewhere in there Spring decided to finally make an appearance with winter jumping in for a few days but thankfully it looks like warmer temperatures are ahead. Which means we get to air out our house and not be quite so skiddish about taking our recently very ill toddler out into the world. I’m sure all of our friends will be excited to see us again, we really have been isolated the past few months. We had a rather significant scare again when he started coughing and wheezing thankfully with his inhaler around the clock we were able to provide relief and stay home.

When my mother in law came to visit, she brought us a bird feeder that has been providing lots of entertainment in our house, especially since we have a nutty squirrel who likes to visit it for breakfast and dinner. Our kiddos really enjoy watching the birds and the squirrel come to visit and check on it almost every 15 minutes.

My welcome doily was finished April 1st. It would’ve been finished by the end of March but my daughter decided to try my coffee cup and spilled all over it so it had to be washed a few times to get all the coffee out right as I was on the last 10 rows. It still needs to be blocked, can’t wait to hang it up!

My little garden fairies have been sitting a little more than I’d like, but there has been some progress. This month my hands have been so dry and cracking right around my nails which was causing some pain when stitching. So after a few weeks of really moisturizing I should be making more progress.

My daytime project has shifted to knitting the Oden blanket in this beautiful yellow for my youngest sister who’s baby is due at the end of September.

We recently found out that my other sister is also expecting a baby. She is due in November so her little bundle will be the recipient of the brown blanket that will have a seed stitch border and a simple stockinette body.

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