Stitching in the Spring

Windows open, cool breeze flowing through the house, green trees and flowers blooming all over the neighborhood, I love Spring! Its finally warming up and able to spend lots more time enjoying the backyard but most importantly our enclosed porch. Last summer, I took all my kids toys out to the porch and we spent 98% of our days on our enclosed porch. It worked beautifully and we have all been missing the porch time this winter that when I opened up the front door my kids bolted out and played on the porch all day only coming “in” to grab a quick bite and back out.

The Oden blanket pattern is well established after a few dozen row frogging sessions 🙄 some of my own doing and others with the help of my babies. Thankfully now any deviation from the pattern becomes very noticeable early on and I don’t spend as much time ripping out and am actually progressing forward. The pattern is beautiful and I am loving this buttercup yellow color especially on cloudy and dreary days. Sorry the pictures aren’t the best, couldn’t seem to remember to get a picture when the light was better.

Second garden fairy has been all stitched up and awaiting the backstitch details. I’m excited to finally be making some good progress! There are still 3 more of these sweet little fairies left to be stitched and I’m hoping to get thr next one started tonight and if everything works as I envision she’ll be done by the end of next week (but you know how plans sometimes go🤷‍♀️)

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