May Days

Hello! I can’t believe May is almost over, it’s been a weird month for us weather wise.We had a few days that dipped into the low 40s and really had us all a little bummed but this past week has been BEAUTIFUL! It’s always nice when you can open all the windows, let the sunshine in and feel the breeze. We’ve had quite a few outside days, amusement park visits and I have jumped in completely to Yoga. Side blurb : if you have ever wanted to try yoga and are on the fence GO FOR IT! Everyone can do it, it isn’t too strenuous unless you want it to be but the rewards are AMAZING!

I don’t know about your kiddos but mine are early risers, my daughter is almost always up by 7:15 (if I’m lucky) but is generally playing in her crib at 6:45. My son is usually awake by 7:30 unless he hears his sister then he sprints to her crib. They’re always so happy to see each other first thing in the morning. I’m working on the spring in my step in the morning, I just don’t pop up as quickly as they do but I love fostering their love of mornings.

We start our day gently usually, breakfast for the babies, coffee for momma with some sort of needlework. These days it’s my sweet Oden blanket in Buttercup that I am making for my sweet niece to be. My sister just found out that she’s having another girl and I am so excited ! One of my most favorite things about making baby blankets is how much love and prayer gets weaved into each one, it’s hard not to think about what color eyes or hair she will have or what will her temperament be but I find myself praying over the momma’s pregnancy and the arrival of the little one way more often. Guess you could think of it as literally wrapping your prayers around someone which is an awesome feeling.

My daughter’s birth announcement has been slow going this month, at the rate I’m going she’ll be 5 by the time it’s complete. I didn’t get nearly as much stitch time in but I’m finally getting back to it in the evenings,. Now that this awfully dry winter air is gone maybe my hands can finally retain some moisture , I’ve battled all winter with my thumbs cracking. I’m really excited to make so much more progress on this piece. It’s just so cheerful, maybe I’ll stitch their facial features in so I can at least have their encouraging smiles to entice me!

My sewing machine has finally seen a little more activity this month ! I finally got all my couch cushion covers made, nothing like procrastinating. I even managed to make a skirt for my niece, my daughter modeled it for me so I could send a picture to her aunt but then deemed it hers so looks like I’m making a few more. I wish I could say I came up with the pattern all my own but I followed Megan’s tutorial. So easy to follow and I had a skirt in 30 minutes maybe and can’t wait to make a couple more.

One more thing before I run off , since it’s Memorial Day Weekend I want to give a big shout out to all the service men and women’s families who have fallen. Words cannot express my gratitude towards you as you served alongside your husband/wife, daughter/son , sibling or parent. and are going forward without them. May their sacrifice never be forgotten nor taken for granted, may you feel the love and comfort of the Lord wrapped around you as you honor their memory.

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