Just a little stitching

Hello friends! The end of May and beginning of June has brought a lot of rain in our area (like most of last week was nothing but rain) which is good and bad. Good since we get some lazy stitching days while the kiddos play or movie treats. Bad because we’re stuck in the house the majority of the day, which tends to make us all get on each others nerves a bit. Thankfully we’re having a sunny, dry day today and our spirits have been lifted by the outdoor play.

I’ve made a lot of progress on the Oden blanket, I finished up my first skein and already joined the second. The second skein seems to be full of knots😔 which meant I spent much of my morning stitching time untangling and winding into a ball. Otherwise it’s working up like a dream.

This week my garden fairies came out and got a fair amount of progress. I took it off the snap frame when I walked into the room and my dear littles ones were holding it and tossing it about. So to avoid unnecessary stains I decided to just use a small hoop and take it apart after each session storing it in my sewing box.

I even found a way to keep my chart handy with my son’s easel. You know what they say about necessity. 😂

Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “Just a little stitching

  1. There has been lots of rain here, too. Seems like so much rain across the country this year. So glad you finally got a sunny day to get out and and soak up some vitamin D. Your blanket is looking so beautiful! It looks so snuggly and warm. Your cross stitch is really coming along. It’s beautiful and the colors are so lovely.


    1. It does seem like there has been a lot of rain across the country luckily we aren’t facing the flooding that is plaguing most of the country. It was so nice to get out and just run, I know my kids enjoyed it too. Thank you, I’m so happy with the way it is turning out. Her baby shower is next month so I’m hoping to complete it by then, if it keeps raining I just might! I think the colors are perfect and am soo excited go be getting closer to completion with it as well. Its perfect for my sassy girly girl 😂


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