Like mother, like son

Just about the time I think they’re learning nothing from me, they pull up one of my traits for better or worse. In this case, he watches me flip between projects often enough that he’s decided to do the same🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️it could be worse though so I’ll take it.

In between running the house and keeping my littles from tearing the place down I’ve had some decent progress on the garden fairies and the end is coming in sight! At the rate I’m going it should be done by Christmas which will be right before her 2nd birthday.

The mornings have been slow this week as we adjust back to our norm since our visitors left. It’s been nice to have some coffee and knit away on the little Oden blanket. Getting closer to a finish as well. I’ve actually made it my main project since I’m hoping to have it complete and hopefully deliver it in person at the end of the month.

2 thoughts on “Like mother, like son

  1. It is funny what the little ones will pick up. Switching projects is a good thing to pick up from Mama. He’ll know that he has options and will not be bored 😉 Your fairy piece is looking so pretty. No matter when you get it done, it will be a cherished piece for years to come. The blanket is looking awesome! You will be finished soon.


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