A start and a sweet finish

Hello friends!

We’ve had such a busy summer here that blogging kinda fell to the side. Somewhere in that time I managed to finish the sweet Oden blanket for my niece, my only problem was I forgot to take a picture of it after I blocked it and before I sent it to my sister. Soo this is the only picture I got.

Since I finished one, I started on the next baby blanket, this time for my sweet nephew to be. Should be done quickly as I am a much faster crocheter and I am on a forced 6 week light duty period. I did recently get the news that a my sister in law is expecting her 5th kiddo so looks like I have one more to plan and get underway!

2 thoughts on “A start and a sweet finish

  1. Congrats on the new baby news. The Oden blanket turned out so sweet. I can just imagine a sweet little one all bundled up in this adorable blanket. The new crocheted blanket is looking fabulous, too! I will enjoy watching this one grow, too.


    1. Thank you Ginny! We love lots of little babies! I was very pleased with it and plan to make it again in the future it really was so easy. I love the crocheted one so far too, the colors even turned out perfect!


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