September stitches

Hello Friends! My house has been a busy little place these past few months, lots of summer activities , out of town visitors and the beginnings of school! My sweet little boy is officially a preschooler which is a tad bittersweet for me. We originally planned on homeschooling but due to some speech concerns decided to enroll him in pre-k to start the speech therapy process and see what he gleans from his peers. So now me and little miss get a few hours of mommy daughter time. We’re currently experiencing a nap strike spell so be praying or sending good vibes for me , she is not one who can skip naps peacefully. Thankfully we had some very pleasant cooler weather this past week and we spent a lot of time outside. This week has been unseasonably warm as the last days of summer come to an end but we’re managing to get outside to play.

About a month ago I had surgery which requires me to be out of commission for roughly 6 weeks, which means I got my parents to come visit for a week and my spouse took a week and a half off to get me through the tough spots . So I decided to jump onto my nephew’s blanket and get going since I’m not suppose to do any heavy lifting or heavy housework until after 6 weeks. I am not the greatest patient when it comes to behaving so I’ve had a few rough days in which I overdid but for the most part the worst is over. I fully expected this blanket to take me 6 weeks or so to complete but once I got going it was soo quick! The pattern is Ripples of Joy by Rebecca Leigh I used Bernat Baby Softee in Aqua and Little Mouse which were two I had on hand. Unfortunately it won’t make it to the baby shower but it will make it before his sweet arrival in November, can’t wait to see that little one all snuggled up!

Since I finished up the blanket I got some time in with my sweet garden fairies! Fairy number 4 is shaping up nicely, I feel like once I stitch up the 5th fairy the background will just move right along (LOTS of green ahead) hoping to finish it by Christmas.


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