Baby stitching ahead

Hello friends!

September has been full of progress here, there have been so many baby projects it’s crazy! Unfortunately not so much cooler weather but its coming! September is usually in the 50s and 60s here but we’ve really only had one week of the actual expected weather, seems Summer just isn’t quite ready to let go. Our trees are starting to lose their leaves , we’re getting a little more blustery just waiting for the beautiful color change!

The garden fairies has received quite a bit of love this month. I finished up the top right fairy and am working my way down the right side and the bottom to the next fairy. Once that’s completed, I’ll get to move onto the backstitiching and fine details, the end is in sight! Maybe I will finish it by Christmas (maybe even Thanksgiving!)

Next are the sweet burp cloths that I whipped up for my sisters’ new little ones. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out but I do think I’m going to add something to the plain ones. I’ve got a few more burp cloth and baby projects lined up for the near future as well since we have 4 friends and family expecting babies. My youngest sister just delivered my niece a few days ago and my younger sister is due in November!

I started a new knitting project that I’ve been itching to try for years! I found these sweet little knitted animals that are designed by Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits. This really was the driving force behind me teaching myself how to knit 4-5 years ago. I bought her bunny girl and elephant girl patterns a year or so ago and finally got the nerve up to start one. I’m not an expert knitter by any means but Julie’s pattern is so well written. It would be wonderful if all pattern writers would use such detail! This is a test bunny, and if I like the way it turns out I may be making quite a few more for Christmas gifts. So far I am enjoying the process and the knitting isn’t taking as long as I have feared.

The head really isn’t larger than everything else, it’s just not attached yet so it is propped up closer to the camera.

I did manage to use up some fabric I had leftover to make a sweet blanket for my cousin’s new little baby who just newly arrived. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan so I figured what could be more perfect than a little flannel blanket. Unfortunately, I got ahead of myself and sent it off before getting a proper picture but this will just have to do!

2 thoughts on “Baby stitching ahead

    1. Thank you Ginny! In my circle when one momma announces she’s expecting there’s at least 2 or more that announce shortly after. Just can’t resist making baby items😊 It really is turning out fantastic I’m hoping to get a little more time in this weekend, I’m itching to see it finished and framed.

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