Hello October!

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Our area has begun the fall cool down and has been very enjoyable despite today’s dreary forecast. I’ve personally been enjoying using my crock pot for hearty soups, drinking spiced apple cider and having cozy evenings indoors. It certainly makes me feel less guilty about all the stitching that’s been happening in these quaint evenings.

I begun the Rozeta CAL 2019 last week after seeing it discussed on LillaBjörn’s blog, it started 2 weeks and releases every week on Wednesday so this is last weeks progress. I am not using the Big Twist yarn from JoAnn which worked up to gauge for me, unfortunately I found the CAL the week it started and was too impatient to have to wait for yarn to arrive. It is working up beautifully and I’m ashamed to say I had never tried tapestry crochet before. So I am already learning new things and see many more of these type projects in my future.

Garden fairies are still moving right along, getting closer to that last fairy!

Excuse the wrinkles my husband put it away for me one night when our kiddos woke up unexpectedly.

I have started two baby blankets as well . One I have decided to give entrelac crochet a try with some Halloween inspired colors as my friend loves Halloween (especially Nightmare before Christmas) so I channeled a little Jack Skellington and think I’ve found the perfect balance. I did add a sparkle yarn to it since it is for a little girl and every little girl needs a little sparkle in her life. I am using the Black and Purple from Caron SimplySoft and the Silver from the Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn.

The second I am knitting up the Malt blanket by TinCanKnits which I have done before and really like the ease of. It’s being done in a beautiful red (Burgundy by Caron SimplySoft) so far there hasn’t been a ton of progress as I’ve had a few disagreements with my yarn but I think we’ve finally made it past the finding knots every 10 seconds and should start moving swiftly through!


3 thoughts on “Hello October!

  1. Looks like you have been making great progress on all of your projects! I love your welcome doily. So pretty and welcoming and homey. Your fairies have been getting a lot of love and are looking so cute. The Halloween blanket looks so cool. And you absolutely right in that every little girl (and big girl) needs a bit of sparkle in their everyday 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing more of your CAL. It is looking fabulous!


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