Cozy Stitching in November

Hello Friends!

Hope you are all staying warm in this cold weather! We received our first snowfall of the year and it’s the first year my kids were actually excited to watch the snow fall. It’s still bitterly cold so we’re enjoying some cozy evening indoors and I’ve almost always got some sort of stitching in hand.

First up, Garden Fairies! There has been a little less progress the last few weeks on this one. We were all sick (minus my husband who somehow escaped) for almost 2 weeks. We’d get better then we’d get hit again. Thankfully it was just a severe cold that turned into double ear infections but it seems to be over for now! All of that to say, I didn’t want to try and work on this one because I was afraid I would end up making a huge mistake and have to rip it out. But I’m thankfully moving along on her now.

Rozeta CAL 2019: I absolutely love the way this is turning out. I’m also 3 weeks behind but that’s ok since it’s not being made for anyone other than myself I have all the time in the world to complete it. Don’t worry it does actually lay flat but I had a brief moment where I could snack a picture with light and I took it! My son likes to climb up in my lap and assist with this one occasionally, I think he just likes how warm it is!

This is my Entrelac crochet blanket for my sweet Nightmare before Christmas friend who’s baby is due in February. My mom and sisters are having a shower for her in the Nightmare before Christmas theme, so I’m hoping I can complete it in time! I did restart this one as I felt the smaller squares I spent too much time switching colors every 5 rows and I wanted to move a little faster. I like this a lot, it doesn’t take a ton of concentration or counting which makes an excellent on the go project!

Stay warm friends!


2 thoughts on “Cozy Stitching in November

  1. Lots of beautiful stitching going on there. Glad to hear all are feeling better and hopefully no more sick bugs this year. We had our first significant snowfall last week. 9″ of the white stuff. So I have been indoors stitching myself. Today is sunny, so hopefully we will get a good melting. I love the Rozetta CAL. Wow! It is gorgeous!


    1. Thank you Ginny, we are sooo grateful to all be feeling better. Oh goodness, we got a few inches but we have had a good melting so it’s almost gone, hopefully it’s not too rough of a winter for either of us but it does make one more productive in the stitching department .Thank you, I really love the pattern and find myself picking it up to admire it throughout the day😊


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