Happy New Year!

Hello Friends! December was a very busy month at our home but I’m sure that it was that way for all of you as well. We didn’t travel out of town this year like we have in the past but it stayed busy none the less. The whole month of December is a great time for me I absolutely love Christmas! The lights, the songs, the goodwill and sharing traditions with my little ones. Every year my mom always purchases a new piece for my Christmas Village and it goes up the same day as the tree, this year is the first year my kids enjoyed the village (without taking off with pieces and getting in trouble). I loved watching their excitement when the lights would come on. They would even show our relatives when they called to video chat with them. One of my favorite things was to sit down with my project with the Christmas lights for some gentle lighting and some carols playing. For the past few years, I’ve thought a lot about a handmade Christmas, it just keeps coming back to me. So this year, I’m going to try to incorporate some more handmade gifts for friends and family but specifically more handmade for my children.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I was introduced to the sweetest fellow knitter. She had been thinking of doing something for our community to help keep them warm while trying to find the most effective way to do so. She found arm knitting and decided to do an arm knitting scarf class with the intentions of making them and leave them at a local pay-it-forward restaurant in town. She’s been holding classes the past few months to help teach others how. All they have to do it show up with a few balls of bulky yarn and she teaches them how to make them. They can make one for themselves while they’re at the class as well. The classes are slowly growing and are such a wonderful thing to be a part of!

I finally dusted off my sewing machine this month and made a couple of things, honestly it was long overdue! My sweet nephews and niece have been obessed with my dear mom’s scarf and she asked if I would whip up a couple for them. So I chose a cotton print for the front they would love and a nice warm flannel for the back. They aren’t in a really cold climate so it doesn’t need to be blizzard fleece. They were so quick and sweet, can’t wait to see them wearing them!

I even whipped up a few of these covers from fabric I bought back in the summer from the remnants section at Jo-Ann Fabrics. There was the perfect amount to cover my two very worn looking pillows!

Remember the Nightmare Before Christmas blanket? All finished, blocked, backed, washed and ready to go to it’s new home! Just in time for the baby shower. My dear friend’s kiddos were all sick last month and it seemed to be cycling through the whole family so they postponed the shower until this month. I was sad for the circumstances but thankful for a little more time to complete it! Can’t wait to see her precious little girl wrapped up in it.

My Rozeta CAL has been placed on the back burner for the time being, until I finished up the two baby blankets for the upcoming little ones to arrive in February. Here’s as far as I have gotten up to this point, it’s such a large blanket that I could stop here and it would make a lovely lap cover!

My Malt blanket is coming along splendidly. I’m actually surprised at how quickly it’s working up. I’ve done this blanket before and I felt like it too forever to complete but that was a few years ago. The pattern is all knits and purls and pretty straightforward.

Unfortunately I did not finish my Garden Fairies before the New Year but I’m soo close! I am planning on having it finished this month, I would love to have the last stitch completed next week, but I’m not sure that I will make it but I’m certainly going to try.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year! You have been so busy with all of your projects, too! That Rozeta CAL is amazing!! Love the idea of a homemade Christmas and while I have good intentions, they always fizzle out. I will try again this year. Looking forward to seeing th Garden Fairies finished. You are so close!


    1. Thank you Ginny! May 2020 bring you and yours lots of happiness and an abundance of blessings! I’m hoping that I won’t fizzle out or become discouraged but we shall see. Only way to find out is to try!


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