April bunnies

Hello Friends!

We have had a beautiful spring week here in our area. The mornings have been a little too cool to take my littles out but those afternoons have been way too pretty to be cooped up. Can’t waste those almost 70 degree days of sunshine, it’s been refreshing all of our souls. Who doesn’t love opening up the front porch and playing all morning (I think its probably the least my kids fight all day).

This week I managed to finish up my little guy’s bunny. I made sister’s last year as a test and he has been asking for a bunny all his own. He wanted a red bunny but Momma couldn’t make an all red bunny so we compromised and decided to make a grey bunny with a red shirt. I finished seaming him together a few days ago and this little guy has been carried all over our house. So now I just need to make sister’s bunny a dress, and brother’s a red shirt but I just had to share them! The pattern is from LittleCottonsRabbits over on Etsy. She has a great selection of stuffies and clothing for her bunnies. Her patterns are amazingly detailed, oh if only every pattern designer wrote like she does!

I started a little Easter bunny decoration a few days ago. I’m really hoping to finish it soon as it’s such a quick little work up but we shall see. It’s the free gift from The World of Cross Stitch Magazine April 2019.

Of course my evenings have been dedicated to this sweet baby gift for a little guy due in May. I’ve gotten a fair amount of work done this week and have decided to do back stitching as I go rather than wait until the end. Still trying to work out what fabric I’m going to place as the backing. This kit is Tee Pee Bears by Bucilla.

We’ve started seeing our flowers grow a whole lot these past few weeks. These are my Amaryllis Belladonna flowers or as I’ve always called them growing up Naked Ladies. The first time I told one of my friends up here that they thought I had lost my marbles so I quickly learned the actual name to avoid that embarrassment again. The rose bushes are putting on their foliage, day lilies are springing up and my tulips are about to bloom. Spring has finally sprung in our area!

During these uncertain times it is so easy to feel scared and anxious, especially when all the “facts” are constantly being discussed/debated everywhere. Just remember to look for the good things that are happening, maybe you’re crafting more, reading more or simply enjoy the slower pace. I know that for myself I am taking this time to enjoy the simple moments, playing in the yard, reading with my kids or needlework on the porch in the afternoons. This too shall pass my friends, stay safe.

2 thoughts on “April bunnies

  1. I, too, am enjoying the slower pace at home these days. There are days that I feel anxious and not sure what to do with myself, but I get through. Not watching the news so much definitely helps.

    Your bunnies are adorable and can’t see what new clothes they will wear. Your Easter stitching and blanket are lovely. Glad to see that you are getting your crafting in.

    We are still waiting for Spring to arrive here. Maybe then I can get out go for walks and enjoy some sunshine. Be safe and stay healthy.


  2. I have experienced those anxious days as well and they tend to be a bit maddening, don’t they. Definitely limiting news and social media have really helped with my personal sanity. I finished the sweet clothes late last week and hope to be posting an update tomorrow (if I can manage to get it typed up with my little busy bodies). Thank you, I sure hope I get it made and mailed off before his sweet arrival. Our weather has been so silly lately, one day is Springy and beautiful the next day is snow. One day we will be enjoying more sunshine. Stay safe and healthy as well.


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