Stitchy Update

Hello Friends!

This month has been quite productive. I made my kiddos’ bunnies a sweet sweater and cute little dress and now they are complete! The pattern for the bunnies and the clothing are all from LittleCottonRabbits over on Etsy. She is an amazing designer and even better pattern writer, if only everyone was as clear as she is! They turned out so sweet and I’m excited to announce they’ve already been drug around the house as a favorite toy! I enjoyed making these two so much I may have to make some for my nieces and nephews as gifts.

Last time I showed you this blanket I had barely finished the first bear and now on the last bear in the canoe. What you can’t see in this picture is the sweet little duck just on the other side of the canoe. I decided to backstitch as I go to hopefully save a little time at the end. This is a kit from Bucilla “Tee Pee Bears” and it is being made for a sweet little guy due to arrive this month. Once I’m finished embroidering the front I plan to use the nursery flannel called Arrows, Fox and Owl from JoAnn. I thought it was perfect!

I have been watching a lot of flosstube lately specifically Stitching with the Housewives. Priscilla and Chelsea are such a delight to watch and I’m not sure why I haven’t ventured over to flosstube before. Naturally by watching all the beautiful things that others are making adds to my ever growing wish list of stitchery. They have released some beautiful charts recently and I had to keep myself in check. As a birthday gift to myself I ordered their truckin along series (not that I needed another project, but it was too cute). I just got a shipping notice that it should arrive this week and I am super excited about starting it! I never stitch anything for myself. They can be found at Fat Quarter Shop, Stitching with the Housewives on Etsy and also in your local LNS stores as they release each month.

Since we are in such crazy times and it’s so important to patronize our small businesses, I’ve made a few yarn purchases too. One of the sweetest shops that I recently discovered last year showed the Hope and Breathe shawl which is free until midnight tonight if you order from your local LNS. Brenda from Cast On Yarn studio put together some beautiful combinations and I couldn’t resist. Honestly I would have loved to have all the combinations but I don’t think my husband would have been thrilled with me.

Hopefully you are finding some peace during these trying times. Be well my friends, do something that brings you joy and give yourself some grace. We’re all in this together.

2 thoughts on “Stitchy Update

  1. Aw, your bunnies look even more adorable all dressed up. So cute. Your blanket is so beautiful! You have gotten quite a bit done. Great job!
    I have been supporting many shops and yarn dyers during this pandemic. I am waiting on my 2nd skein of yarn for the Breathe and Hope shawl and I can’t wait to get started on it. I can’t wait to see what you have chosen for your shawl. I think that will be seeing so many beautiful Breathe and Hope shawls pretty soon. Stay safe and healthy.


    1. Thank you Ginny, I thought they made them precious. I have done alot more stitching than even I anticipated but we have so many rainy/chilly days that it’s been beneficial in that aspect. I’m very excited to start it, the LNS owner posted her progress yesterday and I have to admit I was quite envious that I couldn’t start mine yet! I hope so, its such a lovely pattern and I can’t wait to see yours, it will be stunning! Stay safe and healthy ❤


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