Stitches in May

Hello Friends! I hope you are all doing well and keeping yourselves busy! We’ve had a whirlwind of a month. Lots of crazy weather trying to figure itself out but we FINALLY are having those beautiful warm sunny days that encourage you to go outside and best of all GRILL! I don’t know about all of you but I really enjoy when we get to grill dinner (no messy kitchen to clean up and slighlty less work for me). Our state has begun it’s responsible opening up within the past few weeks and it’s been nice to see a slightly more normal activity around.

I got my order in for the Breathe and Hope Shawl from one of my LYS. It’s Emma’s Silky in Fresh Cut and Fun Guy. I absolutely LOVE this yarn and am sure I will be buying lots more like it. Even though I have a ton of projects already going I knew I had to start this. Unfortunately, due to the other projects having a higher priority (gifts) this is as far as I’ve gotten.

Next up, my sweet Tee Pee Bears Crib Cover for a dear friend. Last time I showed it to you I was still on the bottom working my way across the canoe.

About midway through April, my youngest sister sent me a picture of her husband using the blanket I had made for them before they got married. It has been loved to pieces (quite literally) and she was talking about how much he wanted me to fix it. I explained that fixing it was probably not going to be beneficial as it would be simpler to just make him another one. So she asked if I could do that in time for Father’s Day. So I ordered some Caron One Pound in Cape Cod Blue and Soft Grey mix. The original blanket I made for them was a Victorian Lace Blanket and since it’s going to be his Father’s Day gift I decided to change the blanket pattern to Linen Stitch Manighan by Dedri Uys over at Look What I Made. I ran it by my sister and she loved the idea. The squares work up quickly and best of all Dedri found a way to minimize the yarn tails to weave in!

Excuse the bear in the window it’s part of our school safari week

That’s pretty much all we’ve been up to around here, just keeping the fort held down and enjoying our slower days. Hope you are all well and crafting up some happy 🙂 Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Stitches in May

  1. You are off to a great start on the Breathe and Hope shawl. I have not made myself start mine yet as I am trying to finish other things. But I am itching to start. And after seeing your start, I am really want to start it. The baby blanket is darling. And how sweet of you to make a new blanket for your brother-in-law. It is looking great! Happy stitching!


  2. Thank you for your kind words! I was going to wait to start my shawl until the current ones were done but I saw the owner of the LYS and some of the customers sharing theirs and I just couldn’t wait any longer. Since I did that though there isn’t too much progress as I HAVE to finish the other things. I try to make blankets as a Wedding or Anniversary gifts and of course baby gifts. I love the wrap people in a hug😊


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