June Ramblings

Hello Friends!

Summer has officially arrived in my corner of the universe. We’ve had bountiful sunshine, a few local beach trips and LOTS of outdoor playtime which make for very tired littles. So my evenings have been slowly stitching away on whatever project needs the most attention. This past month it has been my brother-in-law’s Father’s Day gift which has been finished, blocked, washed and mailed off to his house. I’m so pleased with the colors my sister chose and the way it worked up. It really was a quick stitch, I could easily do 10 blocks a day without much problem. The pattern is Linen Stitch Manghan using Caron One Pound in Cape Cod Blue and Medium Grey Mix. I did increase the number of blocks to 108 as it was replacing his old blanket and I wanted to make sure it was big enough. I love it!

I’m still working on the Tee Pee Bear Crib Cover and hope to have a finish real soon. I’m having a hard time with this one lately as I wanted to have it completed at the beginning of May and with all the craziness it got pushed back. Now that the afghan is done though, this project is front and center and I am getting a lot accomplished. I’m doing the back stitch as I go to hopefully speed things up. Here’s where I was last time I showed it.

Here it is now! Now that the bears are nearing completion I feel like this project will progress much faster. I’ve really enjoyed spending evenings on the porch as the sun is setting and stitching in the quiet moments. I’m really hoping I can get it finished in the next few weeks and off to the new bundle.

Sorry about the toys, my kids helped with pictures

Now that my crochet project is wrapped up, I am able to dedicate more time to my Breathe and Hope Shawl. I LOVE this yarn. It’s Emma’s Silky in Fresh Cut and Fun Guy. These colors are the perfect pair for me. They have a nice natural feel with pops of color in the variegation and I can’t wait to finish it.

I received some happy mail this month. My LYS posted last week that Casapinka was doing another free shawl pattern with purchase of yarn and how could I resist. These colors scream SUMMER to me. Thank goodness for such an understanding husband. I’d buy the whole yarn store if I could.

Since I’m part of the Truckin Along membership over at the Fat Quarter Shop, I have also received my July and August patterns with plans to start July soon. I’m anxiously contemplating getting their Jolly St. Nick and Rudolph pattern as well. Floss tube is definitely increasing my wish list astronomically these days.

I usually tend to keep things to my crafty/silly kid things but there is one more thing I would like to include. Something that we are all hearing about these days and something that we need to do better. It’s 2020 and we are still encountering the ugliness that is racism and injustice. I have been naive in thinking that it was mostly eradicated. So I promise as a mother I WILL teach my children to be better. I can’t cure the entire world in one swoop but I can educate myself and my children to be the good in the world and listen to those around us. Let’s make something good out of 2020. WE see you, WE hear you and WE stand with you. Be safe and healthy friends!

2 thoughts on “June Ramblings

  1. Your afghan turned out amazing! I am sure your BIL will love it. Your baby blanket is coming along nicely. The back stitching really makes a pattern come to life, doesn’t it?
    I am jealous that you have started the Breathe and Hope shawl. I have purchased yarn twice for that one and soooo want to start. But while I still have to the urge to work on getting things finished, that is what I must do for now. And I too purchased yarn for the Hug Shot shawl as well. I really love your color choices. Can’t wait to see that one worked up. Enjoy your crafting time!


    1. Thank you Ginny! His wife has it hidden until Sunday so I’m waiting anxiously for his response. Its amazing the depth such a simple stitch can add. The Breathe and Hope shawl as been such fun so far. I understand that feeling all too well, I have to keep it put away more often than not so I can finish the baby blanket. Hopefully you finish some things and get to start yours soon!


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