Stitching through August

Hello Friends! How are you? It’s been a while since I last updated, how is August almost over? We’ve been enjoying lots of summer days at our local beach and of course always the backyard. My husband has recently rediscovered his love of diving so we’ve fit in a few visits to some local sites where he gets to explore underwater and we get to explore the park nearby.

Since we last spoke I have a couple finishes, new starts and of course WIPS. Last time I was still working on my baby quilt for a friend’s little one. I finally finished it, put the backing on and washed it up. I just love how sweet it turned out.

Since I finished that up, I got to start a new project. Stitching with the Housewives Priscilla and Chelsea have released their monthly pattern Truckin Along back in June, I promptly went over to the Fat Quarter Shop and became a member. I’ve had these patterns taunting me as I worked on this baby blanket which I must admit was really hard for me to not instantly start up a project. I think I started the July truck the next day after completing my quilt and that was only because it was already past my bedtime. I finished it up August 1st so I didn’t get to display it these year but I did manage to start the August Truck and get it FFO’d a few days ago. I love how quick these patterns are to stitch up (even with my endless miscounting, who knew it was so hard to count), my kids really love looking for the animals in them too. Of course as soon as August was done I moved right onto September. I’m already eyeing a couple of their Fall patterns for purchase too.

September Truckin Along Start

A dear sweet family friend of mine use to cross stitch years and years ago, she had mentioned at one point wanting cross stitch stockings for her family. While trying to think of an idea for her Christmas present last year I decided that this year I would do those for her if she was still interested. She said she would love that and has been looking for some patterns she likes, so far its looking like we will be designing some as we haven’t found the perfect patterns. While she was looking for inspiration she came across a pattern that she knew she wanted made so I said absolutely! It’s a simple let it snow pattern with a white and red color scheme. Here’s my progress so far, the tree is almost halfway complete and it’s pretty simple stitching.

I recently visited my LNS (Clare’s Stitching Post in Vermilion, Ohio) with the sweetest shop owner. I had been planning to visit her shop in March, but the time I had planned on visiting she was attending Nashville Market and then COVID happened and put my plans on hold. So a few weeks ago I planned to go and my husband stayed with our children so I could peruse at my leisure. Oh gracious, I could spend hours in there! I did end up getting the Kringles chart, fabric and thread pack. I also have plans to visit her shop to get Hands On Design’s Ghosties and Gourds pattern.

I’m still knitting my Breathe and Hope Shawl, goodness gracious section 4 has given me some fits, I think I’ve ripped it out 3 times. Mainly because I get distracted around those k1b stitches and end up frogging and fixing. Tonight I finished up section 4 which is a welcome relief. Of course my sweet LYS (Cast On Yarn Studio in Vermillion, Ohio) owner has been posting all the beautiful yarn combos she has been receiving so there have been a few purchases from her. I have a some yarn for another shawl and a sweater for myself. Which means I have to get more progress on this shawl.

A year ago, a sweet friend of my introduced me to the intention of gratitude. She chose gratitude as her word for the year. So all year long I have tried to keep gratitude at the forefront of everything (what a fitting year for it) because there is always something to be grateful for. Some of recent examples is curbside pickup/waiting in the car= more stitching time. With all this minimal contact with people I’ve started taking my projects with me and stitch in the down moments which leads to a lot more progress and finishes because goodness knows we’ve had all the doctor appointments, grocery pickups, waiting on my hubby at the dive shop. Another thing I am grateful for is the time spent with our family. My husband’s work is always having massive amounts of overtime and for the past 5 years he’s never worked his “planned” schedule. This year he hasn’t worked a day of overtime so it’s been nice to have him around and the kids are loving more time spent with dad. With school being hybrid and us choosing to keep our little guy at home for the first grading period we are getting to take a more active and prominent role in our son’s education which I have actually enjoyed immensely. If I continue to like it we may even withdrawl him from public school and homeschool.

So wherever you are in this world, whether life is looking more normal or you’re struggling with circumstances try to look for the beauty in the moments and find something you’re grateful for right now.

2 thoughts on “Stitching through August

  1. Wow! Your baby blanket turned out so beautiful! A little bundle of joy is going to love being cuddled up in that blanket. And I loved the little interactive way you displayed the before and after photos. So very cool! Maybe someday I will master that technique on WordPress. Right now I am still trying to figure out all the blocking stuff. Today I think I bypassed it all, which is my preferred choice, LOL I love the fabric you chose for the back. So perfect. Your cross stitched trucks are adorable. And that shawl!! So gorgeous! That one is on my to do list for some day 😉 I actually have yarn to make 2 of them, so we shall see when I get to them. I think we are all longing for normalcy, but are learning new ways and trying to figure out what the new normal will be. I am grateful that my husband and both of my children are still working. Hubby is working from home, so it has been nice having him around all day. Gratitude is a great word for so much. Definitely fitting for 2020. My word is Conquer. Little did I know then that I would have to conquer so much more that my knitting and cross stitch WIP’s.

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    1. Thank you! It does seem like you get yourself oriented to the setup and then everything changes. I can’t write/edit anything on my phone so I always have to do it on the computer or I end up getting too frustrated. The block I used can be found under the media/picture tab as Image Compare. Thank you, I love it and what the finished project will be if I can ever manage to get it finished. Definitely one that I have to pay attention too with all those k1b. My hubby has worked through it all as well and we are grateful for that. Conquer is a great word for this year! I’ve teased my husband more than once that if I will be going all out for Christmas to usher this crazy year out!

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