Happy November! Our weather has been so delightful this past month and our trees are in full beautiful colors! Even my mums are surviving the pots so far (I either over water or under water). My son has started back up remote learning preschool and we’re having a lot of fun with that. He’s really enjoying all the different things we’re getting to do and we’re enjoying more of the hands on aspect it’s providing us. His sister is also participating which is sometimes very nice and other times it becomes a wild nightmare but all in all we’re doing well. We even put up some string in our dining room to hang their masterpieces which has given us a chance to enjoy his creations and both he and his sister like hanging their art and proudly showing it off.

I’ve been stitching and knitting quite a bit these past few months. I’ve spent alot more time waiting in the car than in the past so I’m always working on something during those short waits at the doctor or various places which is really increasing the amount I’m getting done. My husband recently rediscovered scuba diving and we’ve spent alot of time shuttling him to dive sites and hanging out at the park while he ventures around underwater which also grants me some stitching time if my kids are playing on the play sets independently. I’ve been working on Hands On Designs A Banner Year Ghosties & Gourds pattern since the beginning of October. I finished it a few days before Halloween and now just need to FFO it. It was such a quick and easy little stitch that I’m looking forward to her other banner releases.

The last time I was working on September Truckin Along Pattern by The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch and I have finished that and also the October pattern. I started Novemeber a few days ago and am making good progress along the top border. I also began the Autumn Lane Stitchery’s Dark Queen of the Seas SAL. I had thought about joining when it was in preorder phase as I love their patterns (I’ve order Horrid Ole Hag and Hallow’s Eve Haunting) but I thought it would be too much and I have never done beads before. But then I saw the fish when it released and immediately ordered the pattern and all the goodies from Under the Seas Fabric. It took me a week after I got the fabric to start and I teased my husband that it was funny that I had to leave my house in order to start it. He had some days off and told me to go take a “day out” so I grabbed some coffee from my favorite coffee shop, bought my kids some pajamas and house necessities and then spent the rest of the day with another coffee stitching in my car next to the lake. Looking forward to my next “day out”. So far I’m loving the way the fish are working up.

Knitting-Finally finished the Breathe and Hope shawl. It’s a good thing I love the finished product otherwise I might have lit this thing on fire a long time ago. The pattern isn’t hard to follow, its not a terribly difficult stitch but its definitely not something I can do when I’m going to be easily distracted. All those k1b haven’t been terribly hard but ripping them out is torturous. I have a plan for making a sweater and knitting up a bunny for my niece. While they visited she loved my daughter’s “hop hop” and played with it so much I decided she needed one for Christmas. My son saw my knitting needles on my gauge swatch for my sweater and asked me to make him a hat so I guess that I will make that a reality soon along with some mittens.

Crochet – My mom shared a pattern with me that she thought would be perfect for my daughter. As soon as I saw it I immediately bought the pattern The Unice Unicorn Hooded Scarf from The Velvet Acorn on Etsy put in a curbside pickup order from Micheals and decided it would be part of my kiddo’s Christmas present. I might end up doing a halfway homemade Christmas after all. It works up quickly since it’s bulky weight and a size N hook. I proudly finished last week and she was able to wear it. I think I over stuffed the horn a bit so I may fuss with it and take a bit of the stuffing out and see how I like it.

I love Thanksgiving and the thought of counting our blessings more often during the month of November. So today I will share that I am so thankful for my kids. They keep me learning, laughing and always exploring. We get to navigate one day at a time and they make me a better person.

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