Springtime stitches

Good Morning! I hope you are all well and you’re beginning to see signs of Spring. We’ve had some beautiful spring temperatures this week which led to opening up the porch and letting fresh air through the house. Of course, this weekend our lovely weather is turning off cold and may even give us some snow but we’re smiling that spring is coming!

In our home that means, a lot of spring cleaning/decluttering/organizing. Since I have a lot of hobbies, I usually take this time to look through my stash and what no longer interests me. It always ends up with me starting something new or finding something that just need to be finished up. I found this sweet little Easter bunny a few days ago and set it out on my sewing desk until I could find some felt to put on it. I managed to find some stick on felt and finished it right up! I love how cute it turned out. It came from a Cross Stitcher Magazine a few years ago.

I managed to finish the Blackwork Butterfly by Peppermint Purple and let my daughter pick out the backing fabric to make her a sweet pillow. Turns out blackwork on even-weave isn’t my preferred and I’m eager to try another pattern but on an Aida instead.

I’ve been working on Home is Where the Wreath Is by Stitching with the Housewives and I’ve almost finished filling in the “H”. My plan for this piece is to finish it on the board and make up some of the wreath swaps to interchange for the seasons.

Consider the Lilies by Heartstring Samplery is stitched on 36 ct American Froth by Dames of the Needle using all the called for threads. This sampler has been calling me all week and I’ve not put as much work into it as I would like, I did manage a few stitches last night but had a quilt binding that was more pressing.

I managed to finish quilting and binding a sweet baby gift for a dear friend this week. I’ve also got a milestone blanket to finish the binding and a few burp cloths and it will be all done. Fat quarter fabric bundle, yardage and the milestone kit was all purchased at my local Wal-Mart.

Knitting wise, I have knit a few rounds on my husband’s dry gloves underlayer, but not really much to note on that. I have managed to complete one but the thing has grown legs and walked away. I’m sure I’ll find it after I cast on a 3rd one.

2 thoughts on “Springtime stitches

  1. The weather where I am just can’t seem to make up its mind either. We had a couple of nice days early on, but also days with snow. We had a dusting of snow on Friday. Today is lovely out, but the rest of the week will be colder and damp with lots of wind and rain. Ugh. You have a lot of wonderful projects to keep you busy. Your Easter ornament is so cute and the finish is perfect timing. The butterfly pillow is so pretty. All of those different stitches look so pretty on the wings. That is a lot of white stitching on that “H”. Your stitching is perfect. The sampler is really pretty and I do hope that you get a chance to work on it more. The colors are perfect. The baby quilt is adorable. Hopefully you have found the missing glove so that you don’t have to knit an extra one. Happy Crafting!


  2. Isn’t the weather just silly! Thank you its all backstiching just into designs, they’re do pretty, next time I’ll do on Aida though. It is a lot of white but it’s actually working up quicker than I anticipated makes it a nice waiting room/on the go project because you just fill in the one color. Thank you I’ve been admiring it on Instagram for over a year now and finally just had to start it! I’m pretty pleased with it, I’ve caught the quilty bug and am just having a ball with it! I know its here somewhere just to to find the super safe space it got placed 🤣Happy crafting to you as well!


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