Just a little stitching

Hello friends! The end of May and beginning of June has brought a lot of rain in our area (like most of last week was nothing but rain) which is good and bad. Good since we get some lazy stitching days while the kiddos play or movie treats. Bad because we're stuck in the house… Continue reading Just a little stitching

May Days

Hello! I can't believe May is almost over, it's been a weird month for us weather wise.We had a few days that dipped into the low 40s and really had us all a little bummed but this past week has been BEAUTIFUL! It's always nice when you can open all the windows, let the sunshine… Continue reading May Days

Potty training, gardening and crafting, oh my!

We've had a very busy and productive February! Potty training...ugh. I feel like parents everywhere can sympathize. We're no longer running to the potty every 20 minutes around the clock. He's wearing undies, wakes up dry in the morning, can go out in town and manage to stay dry. He still won't tell us when… Continue reading Potty training, gardening and crafting, oh my!