Little Fairy Faces

Its been a long week here in my part of the country.  We had a few glorious days of beautiful fall weather  last week and then summer made a reappearance with temperatures in the 80s. It seems that today the fall weather has made a comeback, thank goodness! I’m ready for some fall activities, pumpkin patches anyone?

Our daughter just turned 9 months old and we are finally sleeping through the night! This may seem like a long time to some people but my son didn’t sleep through the night until he was one😐 so I’ll take it. Now that we are all catching up on some much needed rest and getting reliable naps (minus the 2.5 year old currently outgrowing his) I’ve been getting a little more reliable craft time; teething is a hard time y’all.

The pictures below are the progress made this week on my daughter’s birth announcement. Finally starting to see the faces of the sweet little garden fairies! Love watching the picture emerge.

Hopefully soon I will be able to share progress on the Alice dress I’m prepping for. Until the next time.

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