Garden fairy progress

We survived the chilling temps of the polar vortex. While it was ridiculously cold, I was thankful for the family time we got. We played with lots of playdoh, snuggled under blankets while reading stories and watching Halloween Curious George on repeat (apparently my son thinks it’s the best🤷‍♀️). At the end of the night when my babies were finally down I got plenty of stitching time. I’m made a lot of progress on the sweet garden fairy announcement and a decent amount on my welcome doily. I’m really enjoying this piece, I’m hoping to start the second fairy this next week!

While I do love a good cold day, snuggled up stitching we had an almost 60 degree day this weekend! We opened the windows, played on the porch and ventured outside. Unfortunately it was pretty damp and windy so we had to be stay bundled and wear hats but the fresh air did us all alot of good. It certainly makes us long for Spring!

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